92 Innocuous Things The Woke Left Says Is Racist


81/ Surfing

surfing is racist

One of the quotes found in the piece (not the author)…“It’s just such a privilege to be able to go to the ocean and be at the ocean and it’s a shame that it’s a privilege that’s often reserved for straight white folks.”

82/ Grammar

grammar is racist

The English department at Rutgers wants to put less emphasize on standard grammar that everyone abides by in order to promote greater racial equality.

If you can’t write and speak correctly, I would think that would be a detriment when it comes time to enter the workforce.

83/ Landscape architecture

landscape architecture is racist

Landscape architecture is problematic because the people in that profession are mainly white.

84/ Paw Patrol

paw patrol is racist

Paw Patrol is problematic because there are “instances of gender and social inequality that go unchecked on the show.”

85/ Birds

birds is racist

Bird names are problematic because some birds were named after people who held racist views.

86/ Artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence is racist

Research from University of Cambridge AI department notes that machines have distinct racial identities and this perpetuates real world racial stereotypes.

An example they gave? They said most virtual voices in devices “talked in standard white middle-class English” and “ideas of adding black dialects have bee dismissed as too controversial or outside the target market.”

87/ Being punctual

punctuality is racist

The author suggests that being on time is a colonial concept and is discriminatory because not everyone can afford to be on time. So if you expect people to show up on time, then you’re a racist.

88/ Worms

worms is racist

A scientist attracted the ire of people after he tweeted “C elegans. They wiggle forward. They wiggle backwards. And occasionally they f**k themselves. That’s it.”

People int he worm community (apparently there is one) found the joke to be offensive and bigoted.

One user said “Look, I’m sure he thinks this is all hilarious. But many of us have had grants and papers rejected based on *exactly* this reason”.

89/ Alien Versus Predator

alien versus predator is racist

The Alien and Predator franchise is racist because the creatures are dark-skinned.

90/ Friendship

friendship is racist

Yup. An op-ed appearing on “the paper of record” questioning whether their children can be friends with someone from a different race. The author writes “As against our gauzy national hopes, I will teach my boys to have profound doubts that friendship with white people is possible.”

91/ Singing Jingle Bells

singing jingle bells is racist

“The legacy of ‘Jingle Bells’ is, as we shall see, a prime example of a common misreading of much popular music from the nineteenth century in which its blackface and racist origins have been subtly and systematically removed from its history,” Hamill argues in her research paper.

92/ Objectivity

objectivity is white privilege

This article is brought to you by The Walrus. The author asserts that non-white journalists have to walk a tight rope because newsrooms try to stay away from publishing racialized narratives.

Melissa Chen’s had a wonderful rebut to this assertion on her Twitter. She said “Destroying the epistemic authority of objectivity is one of the most harmful manifestations of wokeness. What’s left are lived experience and a moral hierarchy that determines whose narratives matter more. Not only is this the death of journalism; it’s the death of civilization.”


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  1. Joe Lammers

    So, if you speak up you’re a racist. Conversely, if you don’t speak up, you’re a racist. I must admit the logic is unassailable. /s

  2. Leftism s a mental illness

    This is why no one can EVER convince me that Leftism is not only a legitimate mental illness, but the most dangerous and debilitating of ALL mental illnesses.

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