92 Innocuous Things The Woke Left Says Is Racist


71/ Arithmetic

arithmetic is racist

Yes. There are actually people out there (some in Math departments) that try to prove 2+2 does not equal 4.

72/ Avoiding eye contact

avoiding eye contact is racist

An advisory document from Oxford University’s equality and diversity unit warns that looking away from a minority student can be a “micro-aggression” and a form of racism.

73/ Baseball

baseball is racist

The writer thinks the Texas Rangers name must go because Rangers oppressed blacks and Indians when they were first formed.

74/ College admissions tests

college admissions tests

College coaches want to get rid of college admissions tests because they say it is discriminatory. However, there is a fair amount of evidence out there that show standardized tests give poor and disadvantaged kids a better chance of going to college.

75/ All white artists

all white artists is racist

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art curator Gary Garrels concluded a presentation on diversifying the museum’s holdings by saying “don’t worry, we will definitely still continue to collect white artists.”

Thereafter, employees circulated a petition to fire him and that it was “non-negotiable.” Garrels resigned thereafter.

76/ Morris dancing

morris dancing is racist

English folk dancing groups are no longer allowed to blacken face in dances.

77/ The Smurfs

the smurfs is racist

A book claims that the that the blue men created in 1958 by Belgian artist Peyo represent an “archetype of totalitarian society imbued with Stalinism and Nazism”.

78/ Falling asleep in a meeting

falling asleep is racist

A petition was started to get Theater Arts Associate Professor Patricia Simon fired after she allegedly fell asleep during a Zoom call on anti-racism.

The petition states “This is a petition that is demanding the removal a faculty member [sic] who does not align with the anti-racist views and actions that were promised to be adopted by the department earlier this week at the Town Hall meetings” and said that her sleeping “only capitalized on a pattern of negligence and disrespect.”

Simon said she was not sleeping at any point of the meeting and that the picture was taken without per permission at a point when her eyes were closed.

79/ Orchestras

the orchestras is racist

The author wants to get rid of an extremely transformative practice that changed the face of American orchestras for the better. Instead of judging the auditionee strictly on their merits, the author asserts that the screen must be removed so the artists’ backgrounds and experiences (read race) can be taken into account.

80/ The royal family

the royal family is racist

Institutional racism because the British monarchy has traditionally been white.


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  1. Joe Lammers

    So, if you speak up you’re a racist. Conversely, if you don’t speak up, you’re a racist. I must admit the logic is unassailable. /s

  2. Leftism s a mental illness

    This is why no one can EVER convince me that Leftism is not only a legitimate mental illness, but the most dangerous and debilitating of ALL mental illnesses.

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