92 Innocuous Things The Woke Left Says Is Racist


61/ Having sex with black people

having sex with black people is racist

In this author’s opinion, sexualizing or fetishizing black women is racist.

62/ Not having sex with black people

not having sex with black people

Not being attracted to black women is racist.

63/ Rock music

rock  music is racist

The article points to rock songs of the past with racial overtones and lyrics. However, the author fails to point out that there are many rock music movements of the past that fought against racism, such as the Rock Against Racism.

64/ Tipping

tipping is racist

Please people, don’t tip your waitress for how well she did serving you while you were dining. Because it’s racist.

65/ Veganism

veganism is racist

The author says veganism has a white nationalist stain because some white nationalists are into veganism. The author went as far as to point out that Hitler was a vegetarian. So you being a vegan can be problematic.

66/ Dr Seuss

dr. seuss is racist

The study asserts that the book is racist because some of the books had stereotypes of Asians and blacks. Keep in mind that the book was written in the 1930s.

67/ Robots

robots is racist

The study asserts that we project our racism and racial stereotypes onto robots by making a lot more white robots than black robots.

68/ The White Cliffs of Dover

the white cliff of dover is racist

A petition called for renaming the cliffs because it has the word “white” in it. The petition states the name is a “microaggression against people whom ‘white’ does not describe” and also added “is it really appropriate and sensitive in this day and age to persist in calling a national symbol white?”

As noted in the article, the petition was lambasted by many on the left as idiotic.

69/ Thomas the Tank Engine

thomas the tank engine is racist

The writer asserts that there is a lot of conservative subtext in the children’s show and claims Thomas and his friends are imperalists.

70/ Interior Design

interior design is racist

The writer claims that interior design has a race problem because most interior designers are white.


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  1. Joe Lammers

    So, if you speak up you’re a racist. Conversely, if you don’t speak up, you’re a racist. I must admit the logic is unassailable. /s

  2. Leftism s a mental illness

    This is why no one can EVER convince me that Leftism is not only a legitimate mental illness, but the most dangerous and debilitating of ALL mental illnesses.

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