Coleman Hughes Profile

Coleman Hughes Personal Info

Coleman Hughes has a stunning intellect and has put all of his thinking into issues of race, public policy and applied ethics. Currently, he is a fellow at the Manhattan Institute and also holds a B.A. in Philosophy from Columbia University.

Coleman is also a contributing editor for City Journal as well numerous well respected newspapers like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, National Review, Quillette and The Spectator.

You can hear him on his own podcast called Conversations with Coleman Hughes. On his podcast, Coleman has interviewed some notables like Steven Pinker, John McWhorter, Brett Weinstein and Sean M. Carroll.


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Katie Herzog Profile

Don't Lose Your Cool: Katie Herzog on A/C

Katie Herzog Personal Info

Katie Herzog rose in popularity, ironically, after readers of the now-defunct The Stranger tried to cancel her. In 2017, she wrote an article for the Stranger investigating the phenomena of Transgender who decide to detransition.

Some readers responded in dramatic fashion. After public burnings of her article in the public square, Katie found herself exiled from Seattle’s gay scene. Today, you can see scribbles of “Katie Herzog is a transphobe” in various Seattle enclaves, especially in Capitol Hill.

Today, Katie Co-hosts on Blocked and Reported with Jesse Singal where they “attempt to extract kernels of meaning and humanity from a landscape of endless raging dumpster fires. (And sometimes they talk about other stuff, too.).” She is also an active contributor to, Salon, the Guardian, and Vox.

Her wife is a nurse and she has a dog name Moose.


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Rav Arora Profile

Rav Arora Personal Info

As of the original publishing of this article, Rav Arora is 19 years young. But his age says nothing about his intellect and the way he thinks about the major issues currently plaguing America.

A freelance writer, Rav originally surged into notoriety by publishing an article in the NY Post titled The Fallacy of White Privilege and How it is Corroding Society.

After the article was published, Rav was invited onto the The Hill and various other podcasts and Youtube shows to further expand on his article’s thesis.


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