92 Innocuous Things The Woke Left Says Is Racist


The woke left sees everything through the lenses of identity politics, especially race. This has never been more clear than in 2020.

If you dig into the history of practically anything worth mentioning, there will be instances of racial bigotry you can point to. Because that was largely how the world was. But the far left wants to upend modern civilization that took countless lives and years to build to start anew. Because to the woke, everything is tainted.

The following is a collection of things the woke left now deems racist. These claims are not made by a few fringe leftists. These views are amplified on major platforms such as CNN, New York Times, Huffington Post, Vice, The Telegraph, and numerous other publications you have heard of.

A shoutout to @TitaniaMcGrath (Andrew Doyle’s satire Twitter account) is in order for taking the time to collect many of these headlines. And as we see more of the left’s insane views on race, we will add them here. Be sure to share with your friends so they can see how untethered to reality the woke left is.

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1/ Golf

Deadspin writer Rob Parker posits that the tournament needs to go back to its original name—the Augusta National Invitational. Parker notes that the Augusta National was built on grounds that was once a plantation. Thus, the name The Masters is racist.

2/ Bedrooms

master bedroom is racist

CNN compiled a list of words that could be perceived as offensive. Included is the word “master bedroom.” The CNN reporter also noted that “while it’s unclear whether the term is rooted in American slavery on plantations, it evokes that history.”

So the suggestion is to change the name “master bedroom”—not because it has a deep connection to slavery, but because it might remind someone of slavery.

3/ Jesus

jesus is racist

Shaun King wants Jesus torn down because they are a form of white supremacy. His rationale was Jesus hid in Egypt in the Bible.

Of course, Jesus is also depicted as black in countries such as Ethiopia, and Asian in countries such as South Korea.

4/ Chess

chess is racist

An Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) radio station has taken the view that chess is racist because the white pieces go first. The government-run station reached out to top chess players “investigate”.

The “investigation” was widely panned by the chess community. Chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov tweeted “If you are worried that the game of chess is racist, please take up Go, where black moves first, instead of looking foolish by wasting taxpayer money at[sic] a state broadcaster to “investigate” it!”

5/ Mahatma Gandhi

mahatma gandhi is racist

There is an online petition to remove Gandhi’s statue because he was a “fascist, racist and sexual predator”.

Gandhi himself was Gujarati. And his statue in Leicester was a representation of the large refugee Gujarati community in the city.

6/ Milk

milk is racist

PETA alleges milk is racist and continues to urge people to ditch milk. The reason milk is racist? Because Europeans have a genetic mutation which makes them more likely to be able to digest lactose.

7/ Roads

road is racist

The op-ed claims that the 1944 Federal-Aid Highway Act was used to segregate black and white neighborhoods. So, they should bulldoze all highways in LA.

The op-ed doesn’t consider the worsening traffic congestion from no freeways. And that will of course unequivocally affect poorer residents who do not have the choice to avoid traffic by working from home or working near their employers. Smart.

8/ Band-Aids

band aid is racist

Band-Aid launches bandages in new color because they are committed to “embracing the beauty of diverse skin”.

I’m not white and I’ve never once thought about my skin tone when using bandages.

9/ Coronavirus

coronavirus is racist

Coronavirus is racist because black people are getting it at higher rates than whites. People argue that income inequality is the main driver in coronavirus’ disparate impact. But these people also fail to point out that Asians (at least in the United States) have to lowest infection rate in many areas, regardless of income levels.

10/ Orcs

orcs is racist

According to Andy Duncan, a science fiction writer, “Tolkien’s demonisation of the orcs in The Lord of the Rings without seeking to understand their motivation betrays a racist belief that some peoples are inferior to others.”


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    So, if you speak up you’re a racist. Conversely, if you don’t speak up, you’re a racist. I must admit the logic is unassailable. /s

  2. Leftism s a mental illness

    This is why no one can EVER convince me that Leftism is not only a legitimate mental illness, but the most dangerous and debilitating of ALL mental illnesses.

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